Casa da Nuvea: part vi: the surrounding land

Mar 17, 2014


Well, after my last post, a reader asked me if I was feeling stressed about the house in Portugal, but the truth is, I'm really looking forward to working with my hands and the immediate gratification of getting some work done after years of planning.


I've shown you photos of the outside of the house, and the interior. But I thought I'd show you what the surrounding land on the property looks like. There is a eucalyptus grove on one side. I know they are an invasive species and have taken over a huge part of the Portuguese landscape, but their familiar scent reminds me of my childhood in Portugal, so I really don't mind them.


The cottage is surrounded by a nature preserve and conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. I can't wait to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Portuguese countryside.


The grass has since been mowed down since it was very obviously a huge fire hazard in the dry season. I hope to keep a couple sheep or goats there in the future to keep it under control.


I really don't have any close neighbors, except this one and this is at back of the property.




I think this would be a great spot to write a book. Or paint. Or nap.


At last count, there were 25 olive trees on the property and I hope to help bring them back to health this year.


20131111-094604.jpgThe property isn't terribly large, but there is more than enough space to stretch out and it feels very private and secluded.


I. Can't. Wait.


  1. How divine, I have always wanted a piece of land to call my own... with sheep and goats. Where in Portugal is this house, and are you living here now?

  2. It's in a teeny tiny village in Serra de Aire e Candieiros called Telhados Grandes. It's been sitting vacant for quite some time but I'll be there this summer to work on it - hopefully make it livable again. I'm in Southern California. Someday I'd love to split my time between both places...And I can't believe you stopped by my blog - I'm a huge fan of yours! You just made my day:)

  3. I look forward to seeing your progress, it´s our dream to buy a plot of land somewhere rural and fix up a ruin… :) xoxo

  4. There are so many abandoned farm houses in the Portuguese countryside; one of them is waiting for you!